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Positivegreat, as listed, Thanks.2014-12-19 16:31:08jmschwab62251.97$
PositiveOverall, very professional services from beginning to end. Thank you so much!2014-12-19 10:15:23Brian7228.45$
Positivebeautiful painting quickly and safely shipped....great seller2014-12-18 21:40:23wpm_de245.18$
PositivePainting in terrific condidtion. Good price, Great service. Thanx2014-12-18 8:31:59orosupply315.71$
PositiveFabulous product. Well Done2014-12-17 14:17:52uscsurfer313.28$
Positivewonderful artwork, fast shipping AAA seller2014-12-16 19:21:16gatafish371.96$
PositiveGreat deal. Great product. Very fast service. Thanx2014-12-16 16:07:25bolinas206196.24$
PositiveO.K........THANKS.....2014-12-16 12:39:14wallasey27173.80$
PositiveFAST DELIVERY!!! Beautiful painting art. I highly recommend this seller!2014-12-16 10:51:28dogwood777140.21$
Positivefast delivery thanks....2014-12-15 20:51:23bitteach319.78$
PositivePaintings arrived safe and sound. well done! Thanks!2014-12-15 16:42:15scrappingbat431.27$
PositiveThis is an amazing reproduction, it is handmade and framedd, just unpack and place it on the wall.2014-12-15 9:30:15jasperNJ230.28$
Positivepretty nice, thanks so much!2014-12-14 14:57:16investingrdpd190.31$
PositiveSuper fast ship! Great all around service. Many Thanks!2014-12-14 9:21:49bingshi822312.42$
PositiveThis proved to be a perfectly wonderful piece -- perfect condition, too.2014-12-13 20:46:15nmidwig328.26$
PositiveI hung this painting on my side of the bed, so every morning I wake up and look at it. I love it!!2014-12-13 17:21:40HappyShopper214.76$
Positivegreat, love it thanks shipped well thanks2014-12-13 13:19:33kelfritz289.13$
Positivei love it and totally worth the wait -- i will defiantely be shopping from you again and i have spread your business card to my friends! good luck with everything!2014-12-12 21:37:12Fayed-dubai374.08$
PositiveBeautiful art, easy transaction, packed WELL for shipment2014-12-12 17:34:58topkick08320.81$
Positiveloved my purchase will order again !2014-12-12 9:22:53bob.s218.06$
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